Seamless Acrylic Door for Kitchen

Seamless Acrylic Door for Kitchen

We supply Seamless Acrylic Door for Kitchen.Seamless acrylic door panel.

Product Detail

Seamless Acrylic Door for Kitchen


We supply Seamless Acrylic Door for Kitchen.Seamless acrylic door panel.

Seamless acrylic panel is the surface material is made of pure acrylic sheet from the inside to the outside, so there is no common transparent acrylic or baking paint color, large color difference, easy to fade and other problems. Solid-color acrylic sheet, full color, strong three-dimensional effect, good toughness, not easy to break, and repairable, which can meet the individual pursuit of different tastes.

High waterproof performance. The product uses a special edge banding process and the perfect combination of European and American big brand PUR environmental protection glue, which can achieve a seamless effect of baking paint. Custom-made plywood and six-sided full covering process, excellent waterproof effect.Acrylic cabinet door has excellent weather resistance, strong adaptability to natural environment, yellowing resistance and aging resistance.



Seamless Acrylic Door for Kitchen


☞We selects domestic high-quality E1, E0 grade environmentally friendly MDF and plywood . Imported paint, clear texture, bright color, yellowing resistance, highadhesion-hen full of bright and lively feeling;

☞PUR seamless edge banding process, blistering resistance, no twisted wire, high adhesive strength, waterproof foam without cracking;

☞Sinowolf edge banding: same color edge banding on all sides, high-gloss acrylic edge banding.


Seamless Acrylic Door for Kitchen Parameter



Acrylic Door for Kitchen,Acrylic Kitchen Cabinet Door

Acrylic Kitchen Door Covers,Acrylic Kitchen Door Fronts

Seamless acrylic door



Base Material


Sheet Sizes


Material grade

E0,E1 grade Formaldehyde release≤0.08mg/m³

Edge banding

Acrylic seamless


Kitchen cabinet,Wardrobe,bathroom vanity ,interior door,Clapboard

Why Choose us and Why Choose acrylic?



What is the advantage of the acrylic door?


1.Acrylic door is anti- yellowing and aging resistance

2. Seamless, durable than lacquer.

3.Solid acrylic sheet,even in color and luster,can repair easily.

4. 3H-4H hardness, Scratch resistant.

5.Affordable price compared double side painting lacquer


Color Options for Seamless Acrylic Door for Kitchen


The base material of acrylic board is selected domestic high-quality E1, E2 grade environmental protection MDF. Imported painting, clear texture, bright color, yellowing resistance, high adhesion. The UV paint film is plump and attractive, with bright colors.


About our Factory


High-tech equipment ensure the delivery time and quality of Seamless Acrylic Door for Kitchen .

Cooperating with German Machinery and production software by HOMAG® and using best quality materials and intelligent machine,J&S's products maintain high quality with strongly competitive price.

J&S  has established a strong production and manufacturing system, with years of manufacturing experience from the cutting, sealing, drilling, trial assembly of the cabinet, to the modeling, polishing and surface treatment of the door panel, and to the processing of stone bench-top .  From the purchase of materials to processing, quality inspection, packaging, and shipment, we strictly control every step to provide customers with premium products. By integrating the supply resources of hardware accessories, not only improving product quality, ,but also provides clients with a environmentally friendly and healthy purchasing experience.

Through years of market researching, it has built up long-term and stable cooperative relations with builders, developers, wholesalers, and retailers in many countries around the world.

We will continue to work hard to provide customers with high-quality products and better services, and look forward to cooperating with you!

Oversea project case for kitchen cabinet,wardrobe,bathroom vanity


J&S, as the one of the  leading brand in GuangDong, supply you with the best Kitchen Cabinet, Wardrobe, Bathroom Cabinet, whole house custom products. In the past few years, we have been working endlessly to expand our international markets. By the end of 2020, our products were embraced by many countries (2000 projects) all around the world, such as Australia, America, Panama,Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Angola, Kenya, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc.. By 2020. With exceptional designs and our professional one-stop solution project service, J&S’s products and services are recognized internationally by developer, builders, contractors, project brokers, and renovation company.



Q;What is  seamless  acrylic ?

Seamless acrylic panel is a very popular technique during these years,Acrylic's own characteristics lead to easy processing, good hot ductility, and strong plasticity after heating. Different acrylic sheets can be seamlessly pressed together through an oven and high-power high-pressure equipment, and then polished and polished to produce crystal clear acrylic products. Beloved by the public.

Q:What is the application place of the acrylic doors?

Kitchen,wardrobe,walk in closet,bathroom cabinet.

Q:Can I buy acrylic sheet only?

Of course.We supply top quality acrylic sheet as well.But mostly we  sell  the complete doors.Price is more competitive.

Q: What's your price terms?
A: FOB, CIF, CNF, EXW depending on the clients' requirement.

Q:Can you OEM for us? 
A: Yes, we can OEM according the client's quality standard and package.

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