The design of straight kitchen layout

- 2021-10-22-

Straight kitchen layouts are usually best suited for small open plan apartments/units/studios or office tearooms. For balance, place the fridge on one end of the bench and the oven, microwave and pantry on the other. A stove, sink and bench should occupy the middle area. This layout is ideal for square dining/kitchen combination Spaces where restrictions such as hallways, doors or Windows may limit the wall space of cabinets. If space allows, a small kitchen island can be introduced, which can be used to separate the kitchen from the living area. In smaller Spaces, it's a good idea to place an island on a castor because it can move flexibly if needed. Unless appliances such as dishwashers and refrigerators are fully integrated, this kitchen design can be visually cluttered. Induction cookers also help simplify kitchen layouts. For a clean look, keep consistent floor surfaces in the kitchen and dining/living areas. Tiled or wooden floors work best.