The edge sealing of the wardrobe cabinet is so important!

- 2021-10-12-

Wardrobe is a must-have piece of furniture in the bedroom. Nowadays, when every family is renovating, they rarely go directly to buy a finished wardrobe. They will go to a professional custom home brand. In addition to product design, material selection, style matching, etc., the edge sealing of the board can not be ignored.

Someone may ask, is it important to seal the edge of the sheet? I have chosen the E0 grade plate, which is safe, environmentally friendly and reliable. Is it time-consuming and labor-intensive to seal the plate?

The answer is yes!

As the saying goes "Details determine success or failure", the step of edge banding is not only indispensable, it is even a crucial part for furniture. The quality of the edge banding not only affects the service life of the wardrobe and environmental protection performance, but also affects the texture and beauty of the wardrobe as a whole.

1. Decoration effect

If the wardrobe plate is not edge-sealed, then after the wardrobe is finished, it does not look very good, especially when the cross section is exposed, it will make people feel that it is out of grade. And if the section of the wardrobe plate is exposed, there will be many small textures. It is easy to hide dirty things inside. It is also easy to mold and affect the appearance after moisture absorption.

2. Reinforcement

Superb edge banding technology and technology can further improve the stability and firmness of the board used in furniture products. The method of edge banding and strengthening the board from the side makes the board difficult to open and crack. At the same time, the board is three-dimensional The sense of improvement and the appearance of the sealing are fuller. Whether in terms of aesthetics, stability or safety, edge sealing is a crucial step.

3. Effectively prevent moisture intrusion

The result of dampness in the use of the board is deformation, glue opening, etc. Once this occurs in the board, it will seriously affect the use of furniture products. And the edge banding of the board can effectively prevent the invasion of moisture and prevent the board from being damp. This is particularly important for the areas with high humidity in the south.

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