Where do I need to accept the custom wardrobe after it is installed?

- 2021-10-26-

In order to better meet personalized needs, the customization industry is now more and more recognized by the public and has become a new darling in the wardrobe industry. In order to facilitate the use of consumers and prevent the negligence and erroneousness of the installation master during the installation process, today we will Let me talk about how to accept the custom wardrobe after installation?

After the installation of the custom wardrobe, we should earnestly do the acceptance work, which is very important for everyone. When everyone can have some correct methods and really do the acceptance work better, Then we can know the overall situation and meet our own needs.

The first check is definitely whether the wardrobe style and color are consistent with the design plan. If they are not consistent, you can find a manufacturer to solve the problem.

The second one looks at the wardrobe plate. Make sure that the wardrobe board is the brand and type you bought. The brand of the board is generally posted at the corner of the board. You can scan the QR code above to verify whether it is true or not. As for how to confirm whether the board is particle board, multi-layer board or large core board, etc., we need to find the place where the wardrobe has a saw, especially in the docking place, so that we can be very good from the broken level of the saw I recognized it.

Third, check the joints of the plates to see if there is any obvious gap between the plates. The gap between the decorative panel and the decorative panel does not exceed 0.2 mm, and that between the panel and the decorative panel does not exceed 0.2 mm. If there are obvious gaps, they must be resolved through timely consultation.

Whether the fourth wardrobe door opens smoothly, when closing the cabinet door, you should check whether the cabinet door can be used smoothly. Smooth means that when the cabinet door is opened and closed, it should be light and free of abnormal noise. Whether the two upper and lower doors are related to each other to open, whether the door panel is closed and whether the door gap is even.

Fifth check corners and parquet. The normal corners of the carpentry of custom furniture are all 90 degrees, except for special design factors; the correct wooden parquet should be kept at a uniform distance or seamless.

Sixth, check whether the hardware handle is reliable. You can use your hand to pull the handle, open and close the cabinet door or drawer, and see if the hardware handle shakes or falls. In some cases, in order to catch up with work, the master worker will not loosen the screws well, and the handle will be loose or fall off easily.

Seventh, check the site. If there are any remaining slats or plates with mounting holes on the site after installation, prevent the installation master from lazily disregarding the installation of reinforcement support for hidden parts.

Eighth, check whether it is convenient to hang clothes in the wardrobe. If there is a moving door panel, check whether the moving door panel is smooth. Will it be difficult to move and easy to fall after moving?

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