Wardrobe storage coup, HIGOLD Armani wardrobe functional hardware helps you store properly

- 2021-10-27-

"My closet is super messy, what should I do?"

"How should I change the clothes for the season? With so many clothes, the wardrobe will burst!"

In daily home life, we always face the above troubles. The wardrobe seems to be always poorly packed, working hard every day, and it is too bad to be able to live a comfortable home life at home.


It is often said that if you want to have a comfortable and easy-to-use closet, seven points depend on finishing and three points depend on storage. Various storage tools also appear on the market, but what storage products can effectively meet the needs of wardrobe storage? Today, take a look at the Armani wardrobe functional hardware from the Hugo Group, which can elegantly and perfectly solve the wardrobe storage!

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 wardrobe of clothes

 HIGOLD Armani Wardrobe's functional hardware, including various components for wardrobe storage, can systematically store the wardrobe. The bright Armani orange is paired with simple cobalt platinum, and the color combination is fascinating at first sight. The entire series of products adopts the fine craftsmanship of the sports car leather, plus the unique large chamfer design of the metal part, and takes care of every detail of the clothing.

The wardrobe is so tiring! How can I be lazy?

Every season changes, the most tested storage capacity of the wardrobe. At this time, the functional hardware of the closet is your intimate storage assistant. Planning the hanging area of the wardrobe is the primary job of storage, and there are clothes to be hung every season. For clothes of different lengths, the clothes hanging area is often divided into a long clothes area and a short clothes area. Armani clothes rails are used to plan the hanging area of the wardrobe. Compared to ordinary fixed clothes rails, it can also be equipped with intelligent sensor lights, allowing you to pick out your favorite clothes at any time.

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wooden furniture wardrobe

Custom-made wardrobes are sometimes set high because of the hanging area, making it difficult for petite family members to take. With Armani clothing lifting rack, the problem will be solved from now on! The design of damping lift can not only carry up to 5 kg of clothing, but also freely control various out of reach heights.

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pax wardrobe 

The uncommon space under the wardrobe is more suitable for Armani leather clothes baskets, cool clothes in summer and heavy sweaters in winter are suitable for storage. The reinforced bottom plate allows the clothes basket to have a strong load-bearing capacity, and the bedding for the season can be easily stored.

Picture 4

wardrobe of clothes 

How to put the common clothes so that they can be easily held without bending?

The space in the middle of the wardrobe is a convenient place to take, especially suitable for storing clothes that need to be changed every day, such as pants and underwear. Optional Armani trousers rack, hanging storage can make the pants more straight, more helpful for business people who need to wear formal clothes every day.

Also suitable for installation in the middle space of the wardrobe is the Armani underwear storage box, a humanized storage partition, which provides more intimate storage for personal clothing and the ultimate taste of high-quality life.

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wooden furniture wardrobe

There is a corner space in the wardrobe. What should I do if the clothes inside are so difficult to handle?

Customizing the wardrobe by using the corner position of the bedroom can improve the utilization of space, but the wardrobes designed in this way have a common pain point, that is, the items stored in the corner are not easy to take. However, with the Armani three-layer corner clothing basket, the corner space that is difficult to store can be effectively used from now on. Each layer of parts can be independently rotated 360 degrees, conveniently storing jackets, pants, scarves, handbags and other clothing. Even if you let it go, you can be orderly and not messy.

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 pax wardrobe

Also suitable for the corner space of the wardrobe is the Armani rotating hanger, the 360-degree rotating design, ingenious scientific separation, which is convenient to take the clothes, and can prevent the clothes from colliding during the rotation process.

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wardrobe of clothes

How to be meticulous?

Set up an exclusive storage space for accessories in the closet, the time of daily modeling and matching can be greatly saved. Armani jewelry storage box, the material is selected from the leather of the sports car leather craftsmanship, there is no need to worry about the jewelry being scratched, each piece of jewelry can have a glorious space, and it is more eye-catching with peace of mind.

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 wooden furniture wardrobe

On top of the Armani ornament storage box, add Armani rotating mirror frame, push-pull hidden design, do not occupy the wardrobe storage space, and can be adjusted at multiple angles during use. The mirror-intimate jewelry storage box can be used to place ornaments, perfumes, and cosmetics to protect every delicate beauty at all times.

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 pax wardrobe

The wardrobe needs to be sorted out, and life needs to be sorted out. The HIGOLD Armani wardrobe functional hardware can bring us a better quality of home life and make our wardrobe storage more efficient. The Hugo Group has been cultivating the functional hardware industry for 16 years. It has always upheld the mission of "struggling to improve the quality of human life". With innovative, persistent and challenging craftsmanship, it provides users with a quality life guarantee for creative home furnishing. Armani Wardrobe functional hardware products are launched.

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