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- 2021-11-01-

The effect of the quality of the cabinet countertops on the overall function of the cabinets is self-evident. A good cabinet countertop needs to have anti-fouling, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties. The following is a collection of common countertop materials on the market, comparing them from various aspects, showing their advantages and disadvantages, so that everyone can have a hot eye in the purchase process and buy the favorite products.

Common countertop materials: acrylic artificial stone, quartz stone

1. [Hardness]:

Acrylic artificial stone resin content is high, light tapping and touch are plastic texture, wear resistance is not good, any slightly hard material bumps will leave traces, should be carefully maintained during use, otherwise the surface will quickly aging, old and mottled, The solution is to polish regularly;

The content of quartz stone resin is relatively low. The content of high-quality quartz stone quartz sand is more than 90%. The light tap and touch are stone touch. The scratch resistance is better than artificial stone. Generally, tableware bumps are no problem, but sharp items cannot be used. Scraping, such as keys, knives, etc. will leave shallow traces, generally it takes about 3-5 years to look carefully, a feeling of exhaustion.

2. [High temperature resistance]:

Acrylic artificial stone can be imagined without high temperature, so many details should be paid attention to during use. For example, the cookware just from the gas stove cannot be placed directly on it. Light-colored artificial stones are more difficult to care for, and inadvertent use will leave obvious burn marks. In addition, when the artificial stone is burning, an open flame can be seen. If there is an uneasy kitchen lady, you must carefully consider before buying.

The quartz stone plate has relatively high temperature resistance, and its merchants often test it with cigarette butts to prove that it will not be burned. The use of quartz stone is indeed more worry-free than artificial stone, but still, do not put the cookware that has just been turned off, because the temperature of the iron/aluminum just off the fire is much higher than the cigarette butt. The quartz stone is in a state of being exposed to fire, but there is no open flame, but there is Mars, and then the quartz stone itself becomes powder.

3. [Corrosion resistance]

Artificial Stones If you have bear children and uneasy chefs, you don't need to consider artificial stones, because in terms of corrosion resistance, the handwriting and soy sauce marks are enough to cause headaches. Naturally does not possess the resistance of any chemically corrosive substances.

The artificial quartz stone needs to look at the brand in this respect. The high-quality quartz stone is not doped with marble or granite powder. These minerals have calcium carbonate components and are dropped on the surface of the quartz stone plate with a certain proportion of acid. The quartz stone plate has no reaction. General seasoning, or cleaning lotion, wipe off immediately, basically there is no problem.

In terms of corrosion resistance, the slate board has the qualification to be a laboratory table, and the seasoning is naturally a matter of course. The anti-corrosion degree of the slate for ammonium chloride, sodium hypochlorite, 3% hydrochloric acid, citric acid, potassium hydroxide and other chemical substances reaches UA level and ULA level, respectively.

4. [Antifouling properties of plates]:

The anti-fouling performance of artificial stone is probably mentioned just now. The handwriting is difficult to handle. Tea, coffee, soy sauce and other condiments are also very easy to leave a mark. Perhaps old compatriots will like it because artificial stone will retain many Traces of history.

Artificial quartz is still determined by its brand in this respect. Because the inferior quartz stone has poor anti-fouling performance, soy sauce, vinegar, etc. staying on the quartz stone countertop may penetrate into the countertop within one day and be difficult to clean. When buying a countertop, use a water-based pen to leave scratches on the quartz stone. High-quality quartz stone only needs to be lightly wiped with a rag to restore brightness and leave no traces, but remember that this is a water-based pen for testing, oil-based pens, etc. Difficulties in cleaning materials require guidance.

5. [Pay attention to the crack resistance of the board]:

Acrylic artificial stone in this regard, sincerely speaking, is still at the bottom. Since the crack resistance performance will involve the internal structure of the cabinet, etc., the service life cannot be given uniformly. However, professional tests and experiments have proved that the crack resistance of the artificial stone is indeed not good enough. When it is used at home, it cannot withstand heavy objects for a long time, and the uneven load bearing is easy to crack, so the artificial stone is again glorious.

Quartz stone Because the quartz sand content of the artificial quartz stone plate is more than 93%, the hardness is relatively high, at the same time, the brittleness is high, and the toughness is low. When the material cannot withstand the internal stress caused by thermal expansion and contraction, it will crack. Therefore, it is necessary to select quartz stone with high crack resistance.

6. [Texture, color and overall matching with the kitchen]:

Acrylic artificial stone has many color patterns on the pattern and high plasticity, but because of its plastic texture, the texture is slightly inferior in terms of grade and security. Judging from a rational point of view, artificial stone is good as a decorative building material. Because of its variety of shapes and colors, but where the cabinet panel needs practicality, it is indeed compared.

The texture of quartz stone is more like stone, which will highlight the sense of weight and security. High-quality and inferior quartz stones are easy to distinguish at this point. The better the quality, the stronger the stone texture, and the more inferior, the more the plastic texture. Just for the pattern, because of its raw materials, artificial quartz stone mostly has the appearance of small crystals, and the difference in pattern is mostly the difference in crystal size and color. Because of the limitation of color, the overall design of the cabinet cannot be greatly improved; Relative to the trend, polished panels are no longer the first choice for cabinet panels. Today, matte surfaces are popular, and the smooth effect and its own frivolity and aggressiveness have gradually declined.

7. [Table processing technology]:

In terms of processing technology, acrylic artificial stone is the easiest to control. It can be seamlessly spliced. It must be easy for everyone to understand. The high resin content is naturally easy to mold.

Quartz stone is basically produced by a cabinet company with a good processing level. The focus is on all the connection positions, corner positions, front and rear flaps, and so on.

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