How to check the quality of custom kitchen cabinets

- 2021-12-06-

The quality of custom kitchen cabinets requires the buyer to visit the site in person or check it by hand. Through some small steps and small actions, it will be seen whether there is a problem with the quality of custom kitchen cabinets. Let ’s take a look at the quality inspection methods of custom kitchen cabinets.

1. Custom kitchen cabinets to buy

The workmanship of custom kitchen cabinets is mainly based on whether there is a small chipping of the opening material, which can reflect whether the opening saw is imported, and how good it is; such as whether the edge banding is tightly glued, and the trimming is smooth and round, which can reflect the Imported edge banding machine, whether there is automatic tracking trimming function; such as whether the hinge opening is smooth and flat, which can reflect whether the hinge machine, such as door panels, drawer opening and closing is light and smooth, which reflects the quality of hinges, rails, such as the plate The level of flatness, the smoothness of the countertop, etc.

2.Hinge door hinge

The most important thing for custom kitchen cabinets is the hinge. It not only connects the cabinet and the door panel accurately, but also bears the weight of the door panel alone, and it must maintain the consistency of the door arrangement. Otherwise, after a period of time, it may lean forward and close, slipping off the shoulders. In the design of the entire drawer, the most important accessory is the slide rail. Due to the special environment of the kitchen, even if the low-quality slide rail feels good in a short period of time, it will find difficult to push and pull. Well-known brands of custom kitchen cabinet manufacturers generally use better quality slide rails.

3.Check tightness

The edge banding process of custom kitchen cabinets is very important. It is necessary to use imported edge banding machines and cooperate with imported hot melt adhesives so as to play a role in sealing the plates. Xiao Bian remind you that the correct method of side panel edge banding is to seal all sides of the side panel, the thickness of more than 1 mm is better.

4. see materials

The price structure of custom kitchen cabinets is more complicated. The materials, countertops, and hardware of the cabinets are different, and the price gap is also large. Therefore, it is necessary to know some common knowledge of custom kitchen cabinets. Different materials affect the use and durability of custom kitchen cabinets as a whole. Therefore, the materials of custom kitchen cabinets must be carefully selected for their own use.

The above is an introduction to the quality inspection methods of custom kitchen cabinets. I hope that everyone will understand the quality inspection methods of custom kitchen cabinets, and it will be helpful for everyone to choose custom kitchen cabinets.

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