Do you choose a right door panel for kitchen to match your house style

- 2021-12-22-

The kitchen is where we cook food. A beautiful kitchen will not only bring a good mood to the chef, but even make housewives fall in love with the kitchen.

The kitchen cabinet door panel influences the kitchen style. Do you have some doubts about the variety of door panels?

The modern minimalist door panels are so detailed?

After long-term observation, Xiaoli found that modern minimalist style and European style are favored by many owners friends. So, in the case of finalizing the kitchen style, did you choose the right door?

1. Modern simple style cabinet

Suitable for modern and simple cabinet door panels are double-finish door panels, painted door panels, bright molded door panels, modern simple plastic doors, glass-faced door panels, metal panel door panels, the first three are more commonly used.

Melamine door panel

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The double veneer panel is also called melamine board, which is made of solid wood particle board as the base material, and the melamine veneer material on both sides is formed by one hot pressing.

Advantages: flat surface, not easy to deform, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Economical and practical, high cost performance.

Disadvantages: the process is simple, the shape is not rich enough.

Painted door panel

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Painted door panels are made of high-grade environmentally-friendly medium-density fiberboard as the base material, and imported high-end automotive paints are used as door panel finishes, and are painted and sprayed through six to nine times of grinding, priming, drying, polishing, and high-temperature baking. Made.

Advantages: gorgeous color and fashion, smooth surface, good finish, strong anti-fouling ability, easy to clean; surface paint can effectively waterproof, moisture-proof, without edge banding; no oil penetration, no fading.

Disadvantages: Fear of bumps and scratches, need patience and care.

Thermoformed door panel

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Molded board is also called plastic board. It is a board made of density board as the base material, and the surface is made by vacuum blister or a seamless PVC film compression molding process. Due to its rich color and realistic wood grain, the panel is very plastic. .

Advantages: no cracking, no deformation, scratch resistance, heat resistance, stain resistance, anti-fading, and easy care.

Disadvantages: can not be in contact with or close to high temperature objects for a long time.

2. European and Chinese style cabinets

Optional plastic door, covered door, solid wood frame door. The prices of these categories are higher than one. The effect of the decoration is also good.

The base material of the plastic door and the cover film are high density boards

The base materials of plastic doors and coated doors are high density boards. Good quality prices will be relatively high. Basically, it can be seen by the quality of the plastic film and the effect of plastic. There is no small bit of good blister effect, that is, the dust is covered by the film.

PVC  door

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PVC door, the PVC  door is the effect of imitation solid wood. It is a combination of the door core board and the four-sided frame, also known as the frame door. The price is higher than the above door panels. The effect is similar to the effect of solid wood door panels.

Solid wood door

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Solid wood frame door, the price is higher. The effect is good and the grade is high, it needs to be well maintained. Otherwise, the solid wood door panel is easily cracked due to temperature. The temperature difference in the north is large, and it is not recommended to use solid wood door frames.

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