How to choose cabinet hinges How to install cabinet hinges

- 2021-08-30-

When installing cabinets, pay attention to the installation of cabinet hinges. Poor installation will affect the future use, so you must choose high-quality cabinet hinges so that they are not prone to damage and have a longer service life. So, let me introduce how to choose and install cabinet hinges.

How to choose cabinet hinges

1. You can try a few more cabinet hinge samples at the purchase site. Good quality hinges have soft opening force and even rebound; while poor quality hinges have almost no rebound force.

2. The quality of well-known cabinet hinges is relatively better, so try to choose a big brand when buying.

3. Poor quality cabinet hinges are easy to fold forward and back after being used for a long time, while cabinet hinges of good quality are stamped and formed at one time, and the surface is smooth and not easy to rust, strong and durable, and strong load-bearing capacity. You can choose based on these questions when you buy.

How to install cabinet hinges

1. When installing cabinet hinges, determine the size of cabinet doors and determine the minimum margin between cabinet doors. The minimum margin of cabinet doors should be determined according to the hinge type. This is generally included in the cabinet hinge installation instructions. You can refer to it. To determine the value.

2. When connecting the cabinet hinges, install the measuring board, and then drill the hinge cup mounting holes on the cabinet door with a pistol drill or woodworking hole opener with a width of about 3-5 mm. The depth of the drilling is generally about 12 mm.

3. Put the cabinet hinge on the cabinet door, and then fix the hinge cup with screws. After the hinge is inserted into the cabinet door hole, open the hinge, then put it on the aligned side plate, and then use the self-tapping screw to fix the hinge. The base is fixed.

4. After installation, you can try the effect of opening and closing the cabinet door. If the effect is not good, adjust the cabinet door to adjust the cabinet door to the most ideal effect, and the gap between the cabinet doors after installation is generally 2 ㎜.

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