The steps of kitchen cabinet installation

- 2022-01-17-

In today's interior decoration design, for the installation of kitchen cabinets, most people will choose to install the whole cabinet. There are many installation details of the overall cabinet, if there is not a good process details, then it will have an impact on the future. What are the installation steps of the whole cabinet? Let's take a look at it.

What are the installation steps of integrated cabinet

Cabinet installation is mainly divided into floor cabinet installation, hardware installation, table installation, hanging cabinet installation, kitchen appliance installation and electrical appliances. The details are as follows.

1. Installation of floor cabinet

The installation of the ground cabinet is generally divided into measuring the size, finding out the datum point and connecting the ground cabinet.

Clean the ground first, and then measure whether the ground is level with a level ruler. If the floor cabinet is L-shaped or U-shaped, find out the datum point. The L-shaped floor cabinet extends from the right angle to both sides; if it is installed from both sides to the middle, there will be gaps. For the U-shaped floor cabinet, first place the straight cabinet in the middle neatly, and then place it from two right angles to both sides, so as to avoid gaps. After the floor cabinet is stacked, there will be gaps It is necessary to level the floor cabinet and adjust its levelness through its adjusting legs. The connection of the ground cabinet is an important step in the installation of the ground cabinet. Generally, four connectors are needed to connect the cabinet body to ensure the tightness between the cabinet bodies.

Integrated cabinet installation

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2. Hardware installation

Basin, bibcock, pull basket also is ambry important play. When installing the hanging cabinet and table, in order to avoid the sawdust falling into the basket track, cover the basket with cover to avoid affecting its future use.

When installing the cabinet, the water installation will adopt the on-site opening method, and use the professional drilling device to drill according to the size of the pipeline. The diameter of the drilling should be at least three to four millimeters larger than the pipeline. After drilling, the opening part should be sealed with the sealing strip to prevent the wood edge from water seepage, expansion and deformation, and affect the service life of the cabinet.

In order to prevent water seepage from the water basin or sewer, the connection between the hose and the water basin should be sealed with sealing strip or glass glue, and the hose and sewer should also be sealed with glass glue.

3. Hanging cabinet installation

There are two key points in the installation of the ground cabinet: finding the horizontal line and connecting with the counter. When installing the hanging cabinet, in order to ensure the level of the expansion bolts, it is necessary to draw a horizontal line on the wall. Generally, the distance between the horizontal line and the table is 65cm. Consumers can adjust the distance between the ground cabinet and the hanging cabinet to the foreman according to their own height, so as to facilitate future use.

When installing the hanging cabinet, it is also necessary to connect the cabinet body with connectors to ensure the tight connection. After the installation of the cupboard, the level of the cupboard must be adjusted. The level of the cupboard directly affects the beauty of the cupboard.

4. Table installation

Generally, it takes 0.5 hours to bond the table top, and 0.5-1 hour in winter. When bonding, professional glue is used; in order to ensure the beauty of the table top joints, the installation workers should use a grinder to polish.

5. Installation of electric appliances for cooking appliances

When installing the range hood, in order to ensure the use and smoking effect, the distance between the range hood and the stove is generally between 75-80cm. At the same time, pay attention to connect the air source to ensure that there is no air leakage at the air outlet.

Precautions for cabinet installation

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6. Adjust cabinet door

The door plate is adjusted to ensure that the gap of the cabinet door is even, horizontal and vertical. The depth of the floor cabinet is generally 55cm, and that of the hanging cabinet is 30cm. Users can adjust it according to their own actual situation.

There are many steps to install the whole cabinet. It is suggested that you find a professional decorator to do the decoration, because the customized cabinets are generally installed in the market. In addition, even if there is a professional cabinet decoration team, they also need to master some details, because the later use of their own, their convenience is the most important.

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