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- 2022-01-14-

The kitchen decoration design should not only consider the layout of water and electricity, but also the customized design of the overall cabinet. The cabinet design includes the overall layout, color, style, cabinet board, hardware and so on. The selection of the board used in the cabinet is not only the board of the cabinet, but also the selection of the cabinet door. At present, the popular design of open kitchen is very popular. Xiaobian analyzes the requirements of cabinet door panel for users to choose open kitchen from three simple aspects

Meijia kitchen cabinet customization

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Clear cabinet door type characteristics

Before choosing a cabinet door panel, it is necessary to know what kinds of door panel materials are available in daily life. The common door panel materials include paint door panel, double decoration panel, plastic door panel, metal texture door panel, solid wood door panel, etc,

In the past two years, fireproof panels have been used more, because different door panels have different advantages and disadvantages. For consumers, considering the quality of door panels, we should also consider the price and related practicability.

Open kitchen

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Choose according to the characteristics of open kitchen

There are many materials for cabinet door panel, but do some door panel materials meet the requirements of open kitchen? From the characteristics of the open kitchen to consider, the kitchen is the place that contacts lampblack most, the kitchen uses a long time, the door plank surface can appear a lot of oil stains.

The open type cupboard has no shelter, which affects the similar dining room, living room and similar home space. The cleaning of open type kitchen should be convenient. The choice of door panel should not be too concave convex shape or pure solid wood. Baking paint, mirror, blister and other types of door panel will be more suitable for open type kitchen, which is more convenient for daily cleaning and will not leave stains.

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