What material does cabinet door board use

- 2022-01-12-

The detailed analysis of 12 kinds of door panels will let you know more about what materials are good for cabinet door panels. Only when the cabinet materials are selected, can we make our cabinet better. Let's learn it together.

Baking paint door panel

The base material of the paint baking door panel is density board, and the surface is baked at high temperature through six times of spray baking. According to the different paint layers on the surface, it can be divided into ordinary paint, piano paint, toughened paint, etc. The surface brightness and strength of ordinary baking paint are not as good as piano baking paint, and piano baking paint is not as good as tempered baking paint.

Advantages: the paint board is bright, easy to shape, very beautiful and fashionable, and has excellent waterproof function, strong anti pollution ability and easy to clean. Because it is computer paint, so the choice of color is not limited, that is, you can choose any one or more colors you see as your door color.

Disadvantages: protect carefully when using, easy to bump and scratch. In the kitchen with more lampblack, color difference is easy to appear.

Fireproof board

The base material of fireproof door board is particleboard, moisture-proof board or density board, and the surface is decorated with fireproof board. The construction of fire-proof board requires high glue, and the price of fire-proof board with good quality is more expensive than decorative panel.

Advantages: the fireproof door panel has bright color, various edge sealing forms, wear resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, seepage resistance, easy to clean, moisture-proof and colorless, and relatively affordable price.

Disadvantages: fire door plate for flat, unable to create concave convex, metal and other three-dimensional effect, fashion slightly poor.

Solid wood type

Solid wood cabinets are mainly divided into pure solid wood class, solid wood composite class, solid wood veneer class. Among them, the pure solid wood material is the best and the price is the highest; the solid wood composite cabinet mainly refers to the solid wood cabinet with solid wood splicing material as the base material and solid wood veneer on the surface, which has the same effect as the whole solid wood cabinet; the solid wood veneer cabinet is double veneer on the surface;

advantages_ : _solid_wood_cabinet_has_good_stability_ , _natural_and_generous_lines_ , _no_cracking_ , _no_deformation_ ._

Disadvantages: the price is on the high side, cheap and poor quality solid wood cabinet waterproof performance and corrosion resistance are not high;

Melamine veneer type

Melamine board, also known as ecological board, double decoration panel and paint free board, is made by immersing paper with different colors or textures in melamine resin adhesive, drying to a certain degree of curing, and then paving it on the surface of particleboard, medium density fiberboard or hard fiberboard by hot pressing.

Advantages: very high hardness, wear resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance; the surface is very flat, color diversity, all kinds of appearance requirements can be met.

Disadvantages: we must pay attention to authentic products, good quality! Melamine raw materials are affordable, but if the process is not good, the edge is easy to collapse, many black heart manufacturers do not meet the standard, easy to cause air pollution at home, affect human health.

What material does cabinet door board use

Blister door panel (PVC molding board)

The base material of the blister board is density board, and the surface is formed by vacuum blister or one-time seamless PVC film pressing process is adopted.

Advantages: seamless PVC film forming process does not need edge sealing, and there is no glue opening problem. This plate is not cracked, not deformed, scratch resistant, stain resistant and fade resistant. The color is rich, the wood grain is lifelike, and the single degree is pure and gorgeous.

Disadvantages: due to the appearance of PVC film, so the performance of high temperature resistance is poor, cigarette ends on the top easily lead to PVC film damage.

Crystal door panel

Small workshop manufacturers, with plexiglass, standard manufacturers use acrylic. Environmental protection, three-dimensional modeling. The kitchen door enriches the design of the cabinet and plays a positive role. Deeply loved by a doorman, this kind of door panel is more popular in Europe.

Advantages: colorful, smooth, easy to clean.

Disadvantages: the surface is easy to fall off, affect the beauty, the surface is easy to scratch, oxidation and discoloration will occur in the air at room temperature, and the glossiness can be maintained for a short time.

Metal door panel

Its structure is metal plate or imitation metal plate with special oxidation treatment, fine wire drawing and grinding, forming a dense protective layer on the surface. The process is similar to that of the West German plate. The difference is that the West German plate has to be processed twice (fireproof board veneer), while the metal texture door panel is directly processed once. Among them, aluminum facing convex concave panel is the most high-grade door panel at present. At present, it is the best and most high-grade one in the molding board.

Advantages: excellent wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, simple daily maintenance, fine texture, easy cleaning and long service life.

Disadvantages: the price is expensive, the shape has a cold feeling, and it is easy to leave groove like pits after collision.

Clad door panel

The door frame is made of MDF and PVC, and the door core is made of Aijia decorative board or fireproof board.

Advantages: frame and double veneer can be matched at will, personality and fashion. Moreover, the frame and core plate structure is not disordered, deformed and without edge sealing.

Disadvantages: the kitchen cabinet company reprocessing splicing.

Stainless steel cabinets

Stainless steel cabinet, simply speaking, is made of stainless steel, of which 304 stainless steel cabinet is the best.

Advantages: stainless steel is very environmentally friendly, no radiation. Table will not crack, do not worry about breeding bacteria, fire, impact resistance, easy to clean, never change color.

Disadvantages: the cost of stainless steel cupboard is higher, not to pick the right shape, easy to appear at home cold.

Mirror resin board

At present, the mirror resin board is still used more in the cabinet market. Its property is similar to the baking paint door board, that is, fashion, rich color, good water resistance, but it is not wear-resistant, easy to scratch, and the high temperature resistance is not very good, so it has high requirements for color and pursuit

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