Do you know what material is good for cabinet door

- 2022-01-10-

The quality of the cabinet door affects the quality of the cabinet. The beauty of the cabinet door is improved a lot. So which of the many different cabinet door materials are suitable for your home? Let's have a look.

1. Solid wood type: the cabinet door panel is made of solid wood, and the door frame is solid wood, mainly in cherry, walnut and oak colors.

The door core is made of medium density board with solid wood skin. In the production, concave convex shape is usually made on the surface of solid wood, and external spray paint is applied, so as to maintain the log color and beautiful shape.

This can ensure the special visual effect of solid wood, and the combination of frame and core plate can ensure the strength of door panel.

2. Fireproof board type: fireproof board type cabinet material is the most widely used door material at present.

It has many advantages, such as wear resistance, high temperature resistance, scratch resistance, penetration resistance, easy cleaning, moisture-proof, color fastness, delicate touch and affordable price.

cabinet door

3. Molded cabinet: the material of molded cabinet is based on density board, with PVC surface as veneer, which is formed by high temperature hot pressing. It is divided into matte molding board and high gloss molding board, which can be processed into various shapes.

4. Metal texture type: the material structure of the metal texture type cabinet door plate is the metal plate or imitation metal plate pasted on the medium density board after special oxidation treatment, fine wire drawing and polishing, and the surface forms a dense protective layer.

This kind of cabinet door plate material has excellent wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and simple daily maintenance, fine texture, easy to clean, long service life.

5. Paint baking type: the material type of paint cabinet, the "baking paint" used for cabinet only describes one process, that is, the base material door plate is treated with paint after being heated and dried in the drying room.

The characteristics of the door panel material of the paint board cabinet are bright color, easy to shape, strong visual impact, very beautiful and fashionable, excellent waterproof performance, strong anti pollution ability and easy to clean.

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