Flat pack cabinet- Introduction to the basic composition of cabinet unit cabinet

- 2022-01-07-

The door panel of the cabinet is not only the role of decorating the cabinet, but also the role of protecting all kinds of utensils in the cabinet. The door panel of the cabinet often comes into contact with the oil stain of cooking, so what materials will be more resistant to dirty? List some door panels for comparison.

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Solid wood door panel

Solid wood cabinet door, the style is classical, usually higher price. Solid wood doors are also divided into solid wood core doors and solid wood veneer doors. Generally, the door frames are solid wood, mainly in walnut color, cherry color and oak color. The door core is made of MDF with solid wood skin or solid wood core. In the production, the concave convex shape is usually made on the surface of the solid wood, and the paint is sprayed outside, so as to maintain the color of the log and the beautiful shape.

Baking paint door panel

The base material of the paint baking board is density board, and the surface is baked with imported paint (three bottom, two sides and one light) for six times. At present, the "baking paint" used in the cabinet only describes one kind of technology, that is, the base material door plate is treated by the paint which is heated and dried in the drying room after spraying. Paint board is characterized by bright color, easy modeling, strong visual impact, very beautiful and fashionable, excellent waterproof performance, easy cleaning and strong anti fouling ability. But its waste rate is high, and we should take good care of it when it is used, for fear of bumps and scratches. Once there is damage, it is difficult to repair, and it needs to be replaced as a whole, and the color difference is easy to appear in the kitchen with more lampblack.

Metal door panel

A metal plate or imitation metal plate whose surface forms a dense protective layer by fine wire drawing and grinding. This material has excellent high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, simple daily maintenance, fine texture, easy cleaning and long service life. With the prevalence of metal fashion, this kind of high-grade metal texture door panel is becoming a new favorite, among which the convex concave aluminum facing panel is the most high-grade one. But its price is expensive, which is suitable for the pursuit of super high-end decoration which is synchronized with the world fashion.

Plastic door panel

The base material of the blister board is density board, and the surface is formed by vacuum blister or one-time seamless PVC film pressing process is adopted. It is the most mature cabinet material with rich color, realistic wood grain, pure color, no cracking, no deformation, stain resistance, scratch resistance, heat resistance and fade resistance, and simple daily maintenance. Blister door panel is a very mature and very popular cabinet material in Europe. The quality of blister door panel is mainly determined by film.

Melamine decorated door panel

This type of cabinet is the paper with different colors or textures soaked in melamine resin adhesive, and then dried to a certain degree of curing, and then paved on the surface of MDF, particleboard or hard fiberboard, and then hot pressed. Melamine veneer has the advantages of flat surface, corrosion resistance, and not easy to be deformed. Match with the original color seal note, give people a kind of muddy as one of the visual effect.

What material is good for cabinet panel? What material is good for cabinet door panel

Mirror resin door panel

At present, mirror resin board is used more in the cabinet market. Its property is similar to that of baking paint door board, that is, rich color, fashion and good waterproof. But not wear-resistant, easy to scratch, and high temperature resistance is not very good. Therefore, consumers with high requirements for color and fashion can choose the cabinet of mirror resin board, but it is easy to scratch, so attention should be paid to maintenance when using.

Double veneer

Double veneer (also known as trimethylamine) is based on particleboard, with trimethylamine veneer on both sides (trimethylamine veneer is a very wear-resistant material), which is hot pressed by the plate manufacturer at one time, with stable material performance.

Double veneer

Double veneer (also known as trimethylamine) is based on particleboard, with trimethylamine veneer on both sides (trimethylamine veneer is a very wear-resistant material), which is hot pressed by the plate manufacturer at one time, with stable material performance.


The advantages of double decorative panel are natural color, good wear resistance and smooth surface. This kind of plate is pressed by the manufacturer at one time and provided to the manufacturer for forming. It has stable technical performance and is not easy to deform.


The disadvantage of the double decorative panel is that it has less design and color and little space for color selection.

8. Fire resistant door panel

Fireproof board door panel (also known as fire-resistant board), it is made of particleboard as the base material, and then choose different brands of fireproof veneer, with 30 / 50 tons of cold press pressing. Then use PVC or aluminum alloy to seal the edge around the door. The better brands of fireproof veneer in the market are fumika, American via and West German board.


The advantages of fireproof board are smooth surface, not easy to deform and long service life. The surface is resistant to high temperature, and is not afraid of scalding and heat. The instant high temperature resistance can reach 280 degrees, and the cigarette end can be directly put out on it without burning the surface. The anti-seepage performance is also better.


The disadvantage of fireproof board is that it has to be edge sealed, and it can only be flat, which can't meet your demand for modeling.

What material is good for the cabinet door? When buying the cabinet door, you can look at it according to the overall design effect of the cabinet and the material selection of the cabinet table. There are many kinds of cabinet door panel. If you don't know which kind of material is better, you should choose the right cabinet door for yourself.

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