The advantages of unit cabinet quotation mode are prominent or become the mainstream of the industry

- 2022-01-04-

There are always two kinds of terminal sales quotation modes in China's cabinet industry: linear meter and unit cabinet. There has been a long-standing debate about the advantages and disadvantages of the two models. So, at this stage, which mode is more advantageous and more popular in the market attracts the attention of the industry.

Cabinet quotation mode

The advantages of unit cabinet quotation mode are prominent or become the mainstream of the industry

Linear rice quotation is the current mainstream

The current popular sales quotation mode of China's cabinet industry terminal sales is Yanmi quotation. Under the leadership of opal, Kebao and other first-line brands, the market terminal seems to default to this fact. In fact, in European and American countries, the cabinet terminal sales quotation mode is the unit cabinet sales mode.

Once upon a time, Haier Group, a famous household appliance enterprise, took the lead in introducing the unit cabinet quotation mode when it entered the cabinet industry. After several setbacks, the terminal could not be recognized by consumers or dealers.

Unit cabinet quotation has obvious advantages

Entering the increasingly competitive 2011, the major brands have adjusted their marketing ideas and improved their management system. The unit cabinet quotation has been gradually accepted by the industry. The new brands cut into the cabinet industry, and most of them choose the unit cabinet mode for sales.

As far as the "big consortia" entering the cabinet industry are concerned, unit cabinets have obviously become a trend. Midea's overall kitchen, Wrigley's cabinet and nature's cabinet all adopt the unit cabinet sales mode. We may as well discuss the advantages of the unit cabinet:

1、 Unit cabinet mode can improve the whole process management system from sales terminal to factory. With the rapid rise of raw materials and the improvement of cost accounting, the factory side adopts the unit cabinet mode for cost accounting, and the factory side can directly output this quotation mode to the terminal, which not only maintains the consistency, but also better solves the cognitive transformation of dealers and consumers. Unit quotation is an important part of the order management system. The production core theory of "production decides sales" in the cabinet industry has told the industry the difficulty of production management. The guarantee of the order management system must rely on the direct terminal of the unit cabinet.

2、 From the marketing point of view, the unit cabinet sales mode itself is a differentiated sales mode, which is not very common in the market, but it has shown strong vitality. When more than 80% of the cabinet brands adopt linear meter sales, the 20% of the new brands should follow the differentiation principle of "industrial competition" in order to rapidly expand the market. The unit cabinet sales mode is unique. It blurs the price sensitivity of consumers, makes the quotation more obscure and obvious differentiation, and can rise rapidly in the terminal.

3、 Unit cabinet sales can really let consumers consume clearly. The price of each cabinet is calculated by several. Because of different functions, the price of each cabinet should be different. From a certain point of view, the sales mode of unit cabinet is really scientific and reasonable.

4、 Unit cabinet quotation is more suitable for high-end brands. Based on the first two or three points, the unit cabinet has quickly gained recognition in the market. This quotation method is "package sale", that is, to quote to consumers, which has included the hardware and functional products needed in the function cabinet. For example, the pull basket cabinet has been included. When consumers buy, they pay not only for the cabinet, but also for the pull basket. This kind of package sale is beneficial In order to increase the unit price, it is more conducive to improve the matching rate of the brand.

5、 Unit cabinet sales model is a typical "subtraction". That is to say, "subtractive marketing" is highly praised in the current marketing circle. This kind of packaged sales is actually subtractive sales. The linear meter pricing model can not consider the needs of various customers. After calculating the linear meter price, the price of electrical appliances, pull basket, sink and better handle will be added, which makes it difficult for consumers to accept; In the unit cabinet sales mode, if consumers do not need to pull basket, do not need electrical appliances, sink, or want to change handle, they do not need additional money, but reduce money.

Even if the final sales price is the same, only the quotation method is changed, and the sales results are quite different. After two kinds of quotation, consumers slowly accept the unit cabinet sales method, and accept a higher price than the linear rice quotation, because they feel "worth it".

Comprehensive promotion still needs time

Of course, if we want to adopt the international common pricing method of cupboard unit, we need enterprises to have strong technical platform support, and require production enterprises to have large-scale and standardized production mode. Although small and medium-sized enterprises are the main ones in China, it is still difficult to promote the unit cabinet pricing method in an all-round way, but the implementation of standardization and unit cabinet pricing is an inevitable trend in China's cabinet industry.

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