Is the white integral cabinet easy to clean? How to maintain the white integral cabinet

- 2021-12-24-

White cabinet is high-grade and beautiful, but everyone has a fear of white. White clothes are easy to get dirty, and the whole white cabinet is also easy to get dirty. Is it really so? Is there any good way to maintain it? Let's discuss it.

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Is the white integral cabinet easy to clean

White cabinet is more difficult to take care of, difficult to clean, this is a fact, but diligent hands, the correct maintenance, can make the white cabinet always keep the same, must master the correct method, don't be lazy.

How to maintain the white integral cabinet

1、 Avoid direct sunlight

Sunlight will also have a great impact on the cabinet, if a long time of direct sunlight will lead to cabinet deformation, surface yellowing and other problems. The sun shade of bedroom cabinet, can add the curtain that move well again as far as possible so, can beautify.

2、 Wipe with toothpaste

Using toothpaste to wipe can also be a good maintenance of white cabinets, which is easier to do in our daily life, more simple and quick method, the effect is also very obvious. But need to pay attention to one point: with toothpaste cleaning can only be used once, with more will lead to the cabinet tarnish, and will be more and more dirty. In the process of wiping must be careful, not too hard, to avoid leaving scratches on the surface of the cabinet, affect the appearance.

White integrated cabinet

3、 Wipe with special cleaning products for cupboard

You can use a small sponge dipped in cabinet cleaning wax containing soft abrasive ingredients to wipe those yellowing cabinets. Generally speaking, cleaning once a month can make your white cabinet always keep bright and clean as new.

4、 Usually pay attention to keep the cabinet clean

In daily life, try to keep the kitchen dry, often open the window ventilation, put some activated carbon in the corner of the cabinet, to avoid the cabinet damp and moldy. After cooking, the kitchen waste should be disposed of in time, and the cabinet should be gently wiped with a wet towel to avoid the deposition of oil fume stains. Over time, it is more and more difficult to clean up.

White overall cabinet is beautiful, but beauty also needs to pay a price, but it has proved that good maintenance of the cabinet is worth it. Let's get moving.

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