What material is good for the cabinet body? Let you easily choose not to entangle

- 2021-12-22-

Many people have difficulties when buying cabinets. So many cabinet door panels are completely dazzling. Today, we have collected several door panel materials suitable for the cabinet body for you to easily choose not to entangle!

Painted door

The base material of the paint door panel is MDF, and the surface is baked at a high temperature through six times of spraying and baking. According to the different surface paint, it is divided into ordinary paint, piano paint, and tempered paint. The surface brightness and strength of ordinary baking varnish are not comparable to piano baking varnish, and piano baking varnish is not comparable to tempered baking varnish.

Advantages: The paint board is bright and bright, easy to shape, very beautiful and fashionable, and has excellent waterproof performance, strong anti-fouling ability, and easy cleaning. Because it is a computerized paint, the range of color choices is not limited, that is, you can choose any one or more colors you see as your door panel color.

Disadvantages: Careful shelter when using, easy to bump and scratch. Color aberration is prone to appear in kitchens with more oily smoke.

Fireproof board

The base material of the fireproof door panel is particle board, moisture-proof board or density board, and the surface is decorated with fireproof board. The construction of fireproof board has higher requirements for pasting glue, and the price of better quality fireproof board is more expensive than decorative panel.

Advantages: fireproof door panels are bright in color, have various edge sealing forms, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, high-temperature resistant, anti-seepage, easy to clean, moisture-proof and color-proof, and relatively affordable.

Disadvantages: The fireproof door is a flat plate, which cannot create three-dimensional effects such as bumps and metal, and the fashion sense is slightly worse.

Solid wood type

Solid wood cabinets are mainly divided into pure solid wood, solid wood composite, and solid wood veneer. Among them, pure solid wood material is the best, and the price is the highest; solid wood composite cabinets mainly refer to solid wood cabinets with solid wood splicing materials as the base material and solid wood leather on the surface, and the overall effect is the same as solid wood; solid wood veneer cabinets are double-layered Solid wood

Advantages: solid wood cabinets have good stability, natural and generous texture, no cracking, no deformation.

Disadvantages: the price is relatively high, and the waterproof performance and corrosion resistance of cheap and inferior solid wood cabinets are not high;

Melamine decorative panel type

Melamine board is also called ecological board, double veneer board, paint-free board. Paper with different colors or textures is soaked in melamine resin adhesive, and then dried to a certain degree of curing, and then it is spread on particleboard or medium density fiberboard. Or hard fiberboard surface, formed by hot pressing.

Advantages: Very high hardness, at the same time wear-resistant, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant; the surface is very flat, the colors are various, and various appearance requirements can be met.

Disadvantages: Be sure to pay attention to genuine products and good quality! The raw material of melamine is affordable, but if the technology is not good, the edge banding is easy to collapse. Many black-hearted manufacturers do not meet the qualified standards, which will easily cause air pollution in the home and affect human health.

Plastic door panel (pvc molded board)

The base material of the blister board is density board, and the surface is made by vacuum blister or a seamless PVC film compression molding process is adopted.

Advantages: The seamless PVC film compression molding process does not require edge sealing, and there is no problem of opening glue. This board does not crack or deform, is scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and fade-resistant. The color is rich, the wood grain is vivid, and the monochrome chroma is pure and gorgeous.

Disadvantages: Because the appearance is PVC film, so the performance of high temperature resistance is poor, and smoking cigarette butts on it will easily cause damage to the pvc film.

Cladding frame door

Cladding frame type door frame The base material of the door frame is MDF, outsourcing PVC, and the door core board is MDF

Advantages: The frame and the double veneer can be matched arbitrarily, with a stylish personality. Moreover, the frame and core board structure is not messy, does not deform, and does not need edge sealing.

Disadvantages: re-processed and spliced by the kitchen cabinet company.

 Stainless steel cabinets

Stainless steel cabinets, to put it simply, are cabinets made of stainless steel, of which 304 stainless steel cabinets are the best.

Advantages: The stainless steel material is very environmentally friendly and has no radiation. The countertop will not crack, and there is no need to worry about the breeding of bacteria. It is fireproof, impact resistant, easy to clean, and never changes color.

Disadvantages: The cost of stainless steel cabinets is relatively high. If you don't choose a suitable shape, it is easy to appear cold at home.

Aluminum door frame glass door panel

It embodies a sense of modernity and is currently very popular. It is used as a set off in the entire kitchen cabinet. The inlaid glass has a delicate texture and is long lasting.

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