How to choose the whole cabinet?

- 2021-12-17-

In recent years, the focus of home decoration has shifted from the living room and bedroom to the kitchen and bathroom. People put a lot of energy into thinking about kitchen design ideas, and a revolution in kitchen design has quietly arrived.

Customized procedures for the whole cabinet

The overall cabinet can be designed according to the room area. At present, cabinet shops generally follow the following procedures:

1. After the first door-to-door measurement, a certain measurement design fee is prepaid;

2. After the two parties negotiate, the designer will design the design drawing;

3. Determine the design plan, and generally pay part of the payment before construction according to the drawings;

4. Pay all the purchase price before delivery and installation.

The cabinet layout can adopt the following methods according to the situation of the kitchen: single row, opposite row, L-shaped, U-shaped, island layout, etc.

Some cabinets not only include the position of the operating table, gas stove, water basin, and wall cabinet in the design, but also design the dining table, which makes it very convenient for the family to eat, and also makes up for the regret that some people do not have a restaurant in the home.

The best time to make the overall cabinet should be considered when the house is undergoing overall decoration. First of all, you should first go to the overall cabinet shop for a visit, on-site inspection and detailed understanding.

Let professional designers carry out reasonable matching and layout design according to your specific requirements and the placement of household appliances. After the design drawings are satisfied, the kitchen pipelines are embedded and decorated according to the specific requirements of the drawings.

Lay the water supply, water supply, cold water, hot water pipes and power sockets (refrigerators, range hoods, rice cookers, microwave ovens, disinfection cabinets, dishwashers and other electrical appliances) in the ideal position. Your kitchen is more tidy and beautiful.

Selection and inspection of the whole cabinet

1. Choose brand-name products produced by regular manufacturers or cabinets operated by professional stores.

At present, the cabinet industry is highly competitive and mixed with mud and sand. Brand products and products operated by specialty stores can guarantee better after-sales service, which is a guarantee for quality.

2. When looking at the sample, you must carefully understand the composition of the material, ask first to understand, and have a good idea.

3. Check the workmanship carefully. Mainly check whether the countertop, door panel, box body, sealing strip, and anti-collision strip are molded by the machine, and whether the front and back sides are pressed at once.

Good products will not open the glue, foam and deform after long-term use. If the sealing strip is not tightly closed, it can cause oily smoke, dust and insects to enter.

4. Check whether the aluminum back panel waterproof strip of the countertop of the lower cabinet is well sealed and does not leak water.

5. The quality of the door hinge is also critical. Its quality is related to the opening life of the cabinet door; it is also necessary to check whether the leveler and screws of the foot are moisture-proof.

6. When choosing a product, choose a smooth surface for easy cleaning, and the pitted surface has good wear resistance. If you choose a marble material, you must consider whether it meets the standard for indoor use in the home.

7. When choosing cabinets, you must choose a good after-sales service manufacturer to facilitate timely maintenance in the future.

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