How to choose high-quality cabinets? High-quality cabinets are "expensive" in the details

- 2021-12-10-

There is a popular saying in the decoration industry: "The poor than the hall, the Forby's kitchen". Although this statement is somewhat one-sided, the status of the kitchen in the decoration is evident from this.

Faced with many brands and styles, experts suggest that choosing high-quality cabinets should not only pay attention to materials, but also to details.

To determine the quality of the cabinet material, one is to look at the board it uses, the other is to look at the details such as its sealing edge, and the third is to look at the hardware components.

Whole cabinet purchase

At present, some high-quality cabinets pay great attention to materials, and high-quality plates pay attention to environmental protection, have strong bearing capacity, are not easy to deform, and have strong nail holding power.

The well-known brand cabinets in the industry are produced using the latest materials and modern equipment. Its simple lines, beautiful shapes, bright and soft colors, full of extraordinary imagination and creativity, gleaming light of inspiration, allowing users to experience exotic countries Elegant romantic fashion.

In terms of materials, high-quality, environmentally-friendly imported panels should be selected.

In particular, you must choose good edge banding and other details. Because of such high-quality cabinets, the veneer and edge sealing of the cabinet are completed by professional machines at high temperature and high pressure, so that the veneer, edge sealing and board are tightly combined and will not crack after long-term use.

The other is hardware accessories.

Good cabinets use world-renowned high-quality hardware accessories such as Blum, which are still intact after tens of thousands of times of switching, and some hardware accessories such as turntables in the cabinet can effectively use the space. Some consumers have said with deep experience that using Blum hardware cabinets is really a pleasure.

Speaking of the details of the kitchen cabinets, we cannot fail to mention the details of the internal water and electricity facilities. The scientific and reasonable design of pipeline hiding and operation flow setting is also a requirement for high-quality cabinets.

A good cabinet should put all kinds of electrical appliances into the cabinet naturally, which should be convenient to use and eliminate safety hazards.

In addition, the reasonable design of the operating lines of the kitchen, the height of the cabinet countertops and the height of the top cabinet must take into account the actual situation of the user, so that it is convenient to access items and save operation time.

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