Joint points of kitchen construction

- 2021-12-08-

1. Hanging cabinets, wall cabinets, etc. must be installed firmly, without looseness, deformation, neat corners, and no blanks. The cabinet doors are sealed, open flexibly, without inversion, or rebound. In addition, there should be no hammer marks and no nails exposed. cap.

2. The joints of door and window covers, mirror lines, curtain boxes, etc. must be tight, and they must be connected at a 45 degree angle, and they must be close to the wall without gaps.

3. The surface of the wall board should be flat and smooth. If the pattern is used, the width of the thin wood should be the same, close to the wall board, in addition, there should be no hammer marks, no pollution, no nail caps, and straight edges.

4. The height difference between the upper and lower edges of various lines and curtain boxes, the upper frame of door and window covers, etc. should not be more than 2mm, and the deviation of verticality should also be within 2mm. The specific inspection can be checked by a wire hammer, in short: horizontal flat Upright is the criterion.

5. After painting, there should be no missing brushes, sand particles, brush marks, stains and dripping (tears), and the surface should be smooth and smooth. For clear water, the wood grain should be clear, and for mixed water, the color should be bright and uniform.

It is recommended to check it before painting. The unqualified areas should be rectified in time. The fine wood products have shown the meticulous workmanship, otherwise it will be difficult to find some defects after painting.

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