Teach you how to choose environmentally friendly cabinets

- 2021-12-01-

TVOC, or total volatile organic compounds, is one of the more serious indoor air pollutants that are harmful to the human body. It can cause imbalance in the body's immune level and affect the function of the central nervous system. In fact, the cause of this pollution is more complicated than that of formaldehyde and other substances. Therefore, even if the cabinet manufacturer achieves the environmental protection standard of the application of the board, it is very likely to cause pollution during the installation and construction process, causing such substances as TVOC to exceed the standard. Therefore, if there is no scientific production, design, and installation system, even big-brand cabinets cannot prevent kitchen pollution. The production of cabinets is a systematic project. In this process, many factors will affect the environmental protection quality of cabinets. If there is no advanced production technology, the environmental protection board may not be able to create an environmental protection cabinet; if the auxiliary materials and installation technology do not meet the standards, the environmental protection cabinet may also cause secondary pollution in the kitchen.

Standard: environmentally friendly products, to be refined to every detail

The industry believes that the use of E0 and E1 grades of environmental protection standard panels is the basis of environmental protection cabinets, but it is not that cabinets that use E0 grades of environmental protection standards meet the environmental protection standards. There are also countertops, kick lines and other accessories. Whether these materials are environmentally friendly will also affect the environmental quality of the cabinet.

The rational configuration of water, electricity, gas, and pipelines in modern kitchens is the key. The placement of electrical appliances, wires, water pipes, and gas pipes must be considered based on safety standards. For example, the sockets are far away from the sink, and the heat dissipation of kitchen appliances must be for consumption. People consider. The rational use of seasoning baskets, oversized chests of drawers, corner drums, etc. make it easier to access objects in the kitchen while expanding the storage space. Compared with imported products, domestic brands are closer to the needs of Chinese consumers in terms of design and installation and construction, and their cost-effective advantages are becoming more and more obvious.

Analysis: three main sources of cabinet pollution

At present, the pollution problem of some integrated kitchens is relatively serious. On the one hand, the air quality pollution caused by the unenvironmental protection of the panels; on the other hand, the smell of the paint causes physical discomfort, and the construction process does not meet the standards causing secondary pollution. Therefore, the following points must be paid attention to when choosing.

Board contamination

At present, the cabinets on the market are mainly MDF and particleboard, so the grade of the plate determines the environmental protection performance of the cabinet, and it must meet the national wood-based panel testing standards. Although the cabinets are assembled on-site, the back panel is usually a single panel. The grade of this kind of panel is generally relatively low, which is likely to cause excessive formaldehyde. There are similar problems with drawer boards, so pay special attention.

Countertop contamination

Artificial stone is also made of chemical raw materials, contains adhesives, and has an odor, which easily affects indoor air quality. In addition, whether the pigments in the artificial stone are environmentally friendly also affects the environmental protection of the artificial stone. Be sure to choose branded artificial stone countertops, and choose unbranded products with low prices.

Construction pollution

Environmental protection of materials does not mean environmental protection of cabinets. During the installation process, part of it is to be cut and assembled on site. If the process is not up to standard, it is easy to cause the sealing edge to be not tight, so that harmful substances are easy to volatilize. According to Haier's integrated kitchen experts, due to the large number of kitchen pipes, integrated cabinets are generally installed on site. In the cabinet installation process, part of the cabinet is to be cut and assembled on site. It is easy to be overlooked that the sealing edge is not tight, so that harmful substances are easy to volatilize. In addition, some companies use non-environmental glue, which causes kitchen problems. "Secondary pollution". Over time, the released harmful substances can cause symptoms such as rash, runny nose, and watery eyes, and even reduce the body's resistance.

Purchase: 7 elements to choose environmentally friendly cabinets

The cabinet market is still mixed. It is recommended that consumers should grasp 7 elements when purchasing:

1. Big brands have after-sale quality assurance;

2. Environmental protection materials (inspection and test report) are the basis of environmental protection cabinets;

3. Kokusai Express’s pricing is based on the cabinet to avoid ambiguity in functional concepts;

4. The hardware reflects the life of the cabinet (you can open the drawer to view, high-quality hardware has precision parts inside, and inferior hardware is the opposite);

5. The overall kitchen concept includes the perfect combination with electrical appliances, wiring layout of water and electricity, noise resonance elimination after installation, etc.;

6. A small workshop or a large factory is the key to the environmental protection of cabinets. Manual cutting and assembly often cause problems such as lax edge sealing, which cannot meet the requirements of environmentally friendly cabinets;

7. After-sales service is not a simple promise that can be accomplished, but a service system is needed to support it.

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