Common sense of daily use and maintenance of kitchen appliances

- 2021-11-29-

A complete new home, a high-quality kitchen, is not just a simple purchase of electrical appliances, but also home furnishings. The following two major aspects of knowledge can help you who love life, easily realize the "great protection" of kitchen and bathroom appliances.

Maintenance articles

Disinfection cabinet: Try to power on and disinfect once a day, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-virus and prolong the service life of the disinfection cabinet. At the same time, it should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, not less than 30 cm away from the wall. Do not put water-filled tableware in the cabinet and use it infrequently, which will cause the electrical components and metal surfaces of the disinfection cabinet to be damp and oxidized, and the pipe sockets or other parts are easy to burn.

Microwave oven: Microwave oven is a kind of high-tech household appliances. If abnormalities or malfunctions are found, the manufacturer’s maintenance department or special maintenance points should be notified in time for repairs. Do not overhaul or continue using it yourself. Because of the high voltage stored in the high voltage circuit, touching it will cause the danger of high voltage electric shock.

Rice cooker: After the inner pot is used for washing, it must be wiped off the surface water before putting it into the rice cooker. The shell and heating plate should not be soaked in water, and only wipe clean with a damp cloth after cutting off the power. At the same time, it should not be placed in a corrosive gas or humid place.

Range hood: When using the range hood, maintain air circulation in the kitchen, prevent the air in the kitchen from forming negative pressure, and ensure the suction capacity of the range hood; in order to avoid excessive noise or vibration, oil dripping, oil leakage, etc. If it happens, the range hood should be cleaned regularly to avoid too much oil on the motor, turbine and the inner surface of the range hood; it is best not to disassemble the range hood for cleaning without authorization, and let the manufacturer's professional personnel perform the operation.

Water heater: always check whether the gas supply pipe (rubber hose) is in good condition, whether it is aging or cracks, and if any abnormal phenomenon is found, it should be dealt with in time. The water filter should be cleaned regularly and observed for water leakage. It is necessary to entrust a qualified professional technician to check whether the heat exchanger is carbon deposit and blockage every six months, and clean it in time to ensure the normal operation of the water heater.

Disinfection cabinet: Nowadays, people's health concept has been greatly improved. Preventing infectious diseases and preventing "disease from the mouth" have become basic health guidelines in life. Therefore, when choosing a disinfection cabinet, you must grasp the safety and health guidelines, and you must not buy substandard products for cheap.

Range hood: When buying, we must grasp the two principles of cleaning and energy saving. The identification of the noise level can be well identified by comparison when purchasing the product, and the cleaning problem of the hood itself should refer to the specific functional indicators of the product.

Stoves: Stoves directly burn gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and other dangerous gases. Therefore, when purchasing, pay attention to whether the product has safety devices such as self-extinguishing. You should choose a well-known brand with high safety performance. At the same time, another standard that needs to be referred to is energy saving, which means whether it can burn fully.

Overall: In addition to paying attention to product functions and appearance and energy saving, the purchasing standards of kitchen appliances should also pay special attention to the overall kitchen appliances. The colors, styles and styles should be consistent. Brand suit sales have advantages that a single product cannot match: market positioning, style trends, and style designs are in the same line, and more emphasis on overall harmony!

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