Summer Tips for Kitchen Hygiene

- 2021-11-24-

The summer weather is hot, bacteria and other microorganisms are easy to breed, it is the season of high incidence of food poisoning, so you must pay special attention to kitchen hygiene.

1. Pay attention to the cleanliness of tableware and cooking utensils: The tableware and cooking utensils in the kitchen in summer are easily attacked by cockroaches and flies. The use of these contaminated utensils can easily catch various diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to clean again before each use, it is best to use a disinfection cabinet to avoid the trouble of cleaning. In addition, plastics have poor heat resistance and are easy to age. It is best not to use plastic utensils for cooking oil, soy sauce, vinegar, wine, etc., to avoid corrosion and deterioration.


2. Anti-mold contamination: Room temperature 25-35°C and relative humidity around 70% are the best conditions for mold growth and reproduction. Molds are very harmful to the human body. For example, eating foods contaminated with aflatoxin can induce liver cancer, and some molds can cause fungal pneumonia, asthma and other diseases. The food and utensils stored in the kitchen in summer will grow green, yellow, and black mold spots and emit unpleasant odors due to long storage time or moisture. This is the result of mold contamination. Therefore, in order to prevent mold contamination, keep the kitchen ventilated and dry at all times, and also to shorten the storage time.

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