The importance of drainage pipes for cabinet maintenance to cabinets

- 2021-11-23-

As far as cabinets are concerned, leakage is still the main culprit for the deformation, swelling and mildew of kitchen cabinets. The reasons for the leakage are mainly attributed to two aspects. One is the unqualified pipe quality, improper selection of sealing materials, and the aging of the pipe. The other is the unscientific installation of the pipe, and the ground and wall have no waterproof layer or damaged waterproof layer. And other technical issues of decoration engineering. In addition, water leakage is prone to occur at the joint between the sink and the countertop.

After the above basic engineering is qualified, the following points should be paid attention to in the use process:

1. Keep the sewer unobstructed to prevent blockage; if there is blockage, be sure to ask a professional company to clear it;

2. The joint between the sink and the countertop should be kept dry. If there is water stains, wipe it dry with a rag;

3. Pay attention to the service life of hoses, sealing materials and other materials, and replace them in time;

4. When running, spilling, dripping or leaking in the water, it should be repaired in time;

5. When the internal pipeline leaks, it should be dealt with in time, and it is best to ask a professional leak repair company to repair it.

Avoid the water on the countertop from flowing down and soaking into the cabinet, otherwise it will deform after a long time.

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