Maintenance and cleaning of door panels for cabinet maintenance and cleaning

- 2021-11-19-

Maintenance: The material of the door panel is similar to the countertop, so its maintenance and cleaning are similar to the countertop.

1. Avoid the water on the countertop from flowing down and soaking into the door panel, otherwise it will be deformed for a long time.

2. If the door hinges and handles are loose or abnormal, they should be adjusted in time or the manufacturer should be notified for maintenance.

3. The solid wood door panel can be cleaned and maintained with furniture water wax, and the crystal door panel can be wiped with a flannel moistened with water or a neutral detergent.

4. Maintenance and maintenance of membrane pressure door panel

Due to its characteristics of wear resistance, moisture resistance, light resistance, and easy decontamination, membrane pressure door panels generally do not require special maintenance and maintenance during use. You only need to pay attention to the following points during use:

Do not rub the surface of the door panel with sharp objects;

Do not use sharp objects to squeeze or insert the joint of the mold MDF;

Do not rub the surface of the door panel with things like steel balls;

Do not use high-concentration detergent or strong corrosive chemicals to clean the surface of the door panel;

Oil and dirt on the surface will be removed within 12 hours.


1. Soluble cleaners cannot be used for paint door panels.

2. All benzene solvents and plastic grease solvents are not suitable for panel cleaners.

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