Maintenance requirements for solid wood cabinet doors

- 2021-11-01-

Like human fingerprints, no two trees have the same texture of wood in nature. The variety of colors and textures are natural characteristics of the wood itself. The wood surface used to make cabinets is sprayed with various types and colors of paint to maintain the stability of the wood itself. At the same time, different colors and texture display methods also maximize the unique style and personality of the cabinets, showing the unique characteristics of solid wood cabinets. Beauty.

Because solid wood door panels use some precious hardwoods, and they are usually combined door panels with frames, it is normal for the combined interface part to have slight expansion or cracking under different seasons and different humidity environmental conditions. Try to avoid hanging or covering wet clothes, towels and scouring pads on the door surface. Moisture can cause permanent damage to solid wood door panels-such as fading, watermarks, etc. For some heating appliances such as ovens, please pay attention to the exudation of heat during self-cleaning; in the severe winter in the north, heating and air conditioning equipment should not be placed inside and near the surface of the cabinet. The heat emitted will cause permanent damage to the cabinet. Damage. Exposing the cabinet doors directly to sunlight will deepen the wood color of the wood products. Sunlight can also fade the color of the paint on the wood surface.

Use a soft cotton cloth to clean the door panels of your cabinet, soak the cotton cloth in warm water and wring out the water to keep it moist. If you need a more complete cleaning, please choose some neutral detergent and mix it with warm water, then gently wipe the surface of the door panel. Then use a dry soft cotton cloth to quickly wipe off the water on the surface of the door panel. This prevents the water, grease, and other dirt left on the surface of the door panel. These traces will cause your equipment or paint if they exist for a long time. Discoloration or other damage.

For copper strip glass, because the copper strip is easy to oxidize and darken and turn green in a humid environment, try to avoid wet towels contacting the copper strip. In addition, when cleaning the copper strip glass, you should not use ammonia-containing detergents, and use special Copper brightener.

The door panels should be maintained regularly, usually about 2-3 months with special wax for wooden furniture, but the door panels must be cleaned before waxing and polishing, because once the waxing treatment is carried out, the surface of the door panel under the wax layer The dirty marks will be difficult to deal with. In addition, for door panels with open wood grains, be careful to use polishing wax, because the wax will fill in the exposed wood grain. The most important point is that once the surface of the door is waxed, it will be difficult to repaint the paint.

Avoid using the following cleaning products to clean cabinet doors:

Irritating chemicals


Abrasive cleaning methods, such as rubber or sandpaper

Petroleum product type solvent

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