Inferior cabinets use fake and inferior materials, countertops, and accessories to leave hidden dangers to family health

- 2021-10-06-

Nowadays, more and more families choose integrated cabinets when decorating: sinks, stoves, range hoods, microwave ovens, etc. are all designed into the cabinets, which not only makes effective use of the kitchen space, but is also very convenient to take items, which reflects human nature The pursuit of high-quality and high-quality life. At present, the overall cabinet market is rather chaotic, and there are many non-standard enterprises.

However, according to relevant survey data, nearly 70% of indoor air pollution exceeding the standard comes from the kitchen. Song Guangsheng, director of the Environmental Monitoring Center of China Interior Decoration Association, also said that the whole cabinet is the hardest hit area of indoor pollution. First of all, material pollution. The cabinet volume occupies at least 1/3 of the kitchen. The main raw material is wood-based panels. If the material is not up to standard, there will be pollution. In addition, the use of open flames and high temperatures in the kitchen will accelerate the volatilization of harmful substances. 2. Countertop pollution. Many people like to use stone as the countertop of the cabinet, but there are radioactive substances in granite; in some artificial stone synthesized with resin, the glue used contains benzene and volatile organic compounds. 3. Pollution of auxiliary materials. Due to the many pipes in the kitchen, the whole cabinet is generally installed on site. If the operation is not normal, the artificial board is prone to leaking tightness. Over time, the released harmful substances can cause symptoms such as rash, runny nose, and watery eyes, and even reduce the body's resistance.

Regarding the environmental protection of cabinets, there are currently no strict environmental quality standards for furniture in my country, only the testing standards for wood-based panels (particle board and MDF). When choosing a whole cabinet, it is best to go to the store in person to smell if there is a strong pungent odor; in order to save materials, many manufacturers only do partial edge sealing, and make sure that all edges are sealed when buying; try to minimize On-site edge sealing, because on-site operation is difficult to seal, and the factory uses high temperature and high pressure edge sealing, which is firm and tidy after sealing; in some places, if on-site edge sealing is required, good quality glass glue or transparent glue should be used for its waterproof effect. Good; it is best not to install a back panel behind the cabinet, which saves money, is environmentally friendly, and is easy to clean. Even if you want to use it, you must use a double panel. The single panel is seriously polluted; some of the more formal cabinets use white cabinet materials. Laiboard contains green moisture-proof agent, and all holes on the box body are covered with covers to prevent moisture from entering and reduce formaldehyde release; the kitchen should be opened frequently, and the kitchen should not be overfilled.

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