What should I do if the kitchen sink smells bad?

- 2021-09-23-

The food and oil stains remaining in the water pipes are decomposed by bacteria to generate gas, which is the source of the stench of the sink. Therefore, preventing food and oil from flowing into the sewer is the primary measure to prevent bad smells.

If the stench has already occurred, pure natural baking soda is a good deodorant. Pour 1 small cup of baking soda powder into the drain and rinse with water to deodorize. If the drain pipe is not only foul-smelling and clogged, pour 1 cup of baking soda and pour in hot water to solve the clogging problem. Oxygen-containing bleach for kitchens on the market has a sterilizing effect, so in addition to having the same cleansing effect as baking soda, it can also perform sanitary management of sterilization and completely remove the source of malodor.

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