Are your cabinets installed properly?

- 2021-08-09-

Wood, flooring, ceramic products, and cabinets are the largest expenditures in the decoration process, and consumers are most concerned about. The general financial situation of the family is still good at investing in these items. However, no matter how good the design, how expensive the materials, or the details are not properly grasped, it will greatly affect the final effect. Below, let's take a look at a few details that are easily overlooked in the decoration process.

Skirting quality
In addition to its own function of protecting the wall, the skirting occupies a considerable proportion of the beauty of the home. It is the contour line of the floor at home, and the line of sight will often fall naturally on it. Beautifully shaped and exquisitely crafted baseboards can often play a finishing touch and add a lot of color to your home. However, the skirting is often a place that people despise. I have seen some renovated houses. I can't see any bad design or construction, but I feel that the whole is not very good and I feel uncomfortable. Finally, I found that it was because of the rough and cheap skirting that seriously affected the effect.

Wall cabinet installation process
Built-in wardrobes or other cabinets embedded in the wall have many advantages, which not only increase the space inside the cabinet (which can stand upright), but also appear simple and generous. It should be noted that the floor where the cabinet is placed and the wall on the side of the cabinet must be horizontal and vertical. Otherwise, when the cabinet is installed, it will be difficult to deal with the gaps. If you barely fill the gaps, the vision will be distorted, appear rough, and the craftsmanship is not fine. The effect will be greatly reduced. A set of expensive wall cabinets will be affected by these small details. Ruined.
Light source design

In the room, the main light source and auxiliary light source must be considered before the installation of lamps. The main light source refers to the lighting of a certain local space, such as table lamps and floor lamps for reading, chandeliers on the dining table, spotlights for wall decoration lighting and so on. The auxiliary light source is the headlight at almost the center of each room. Many people do not have this concept when decorating and decorating their homes.

Glass glue anti-mildew
Glass glue is the most inconspicuous thing in the decoration process, mainly used for repairing cabinets, sanitary ware and other gaps. If poor quality glass glue is used, blackening and yellowing will appear after a period of time. It is recommended that the glass glue during the decoration period buy anti-mold products.

Sealant strength
When decorating, we generally use white cement powder to fill the joints, but its adhesion and waterproofness are poor. Cracks will appear after dehydration or expansion and contraction when exposed to heat, resulting in water seepage of the floor tiles. In addition, the fastness of white cement paste And the hardness is not as good as the caulk, and the discoloration resistance is not as good as the caulk. Consumers are advised to use joint fillers when decorating.

Floor drain rules
The floor drain is lower than the ground, which is often overlooked and is not easy to modify. Therefore, be sure to remind the decoration workers that the floor drain must be lower than the ground to avoid the phenomenon of "water overflowing golden mountains" after each shower.

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