Who says the overall wardrobe is not safe and environmentally friendly

- 2021-08-02-

A few days ago, I met such a consumer in a home shopping mall. From the conversation with the shopping guide, she can feel that her overall wardrobe is prejudiced, and she thinks that the overall wardrobe is synonymous with unsafe and environmentally friendly. In fact, in reporters and industry insiders After in-depth communication, I learned that many consumers currently have misunderstandings about the overall wardrobe, which is a bit wrong for the overall wardrobe.

Misunderstanding 1: The overall wardrobe is not safe and environmentally friendly

When many people mention the overall wardrobe, the first reaction is that the overall wardrobe is not safe and environmentally friendly. Unsafe means that the hardware of the overall wardrobe hinge is very easy to break, so that the corner of the wardrobe door is tilted, which is not only unsightly, but also has safety hazards. Once it falls off

The consequences of coming down and hurting people are disastrous. It is not environmentally friendly, mainly because the paint and glue used in the board are not up to standard or the amount is too much, resulting in excessive formaldehyde content, which causes harm to the human body.

In fact, unsafe and environmentally friendly are not synonymous with overall wardrobes. Mid-to-high-end overall wardrobes can be used with confidence. According to industry insiders, the hardware of the overall wardrobe is divided into multiple grades. The product quality varies greatly, and the price naturally varies greatly. Some manufacturers use low-quality hardware in order to pursue high profits. This is unavoidable for consumers. The user leaves a safety hazard when using it. However, the hardware used by the formal overall wardrobe manufacturers are all tested and qualified, even imported, and meet international quality standards. These hardwares are reliable and can be used with confidence.

In addition to hardware, the reliability of the overall wardrobe depends on whether the panels are environmentally friendly. The board of the overall wardrobe is mainly synthetic. Since it is synthetic, it will inevitably involve glue molding, and harmful substances such as formaldehyde are important components of glue adhesives. Some merchants use inferior quality glue to maximize profits, so that the furniture is not environmentally friendly. The glue and paint used in high-quality overall wardrobes are all qualified. Consumers are advised here that the overall wardrobe can be purchased with confidence, but they should choose some well-known brands.

Misunderstanding 2: The overall wardrobe is dull and simple

Even if the economy is not well-off, many consumers still want to buy European and American style furniture, thinking that this is fashionable. In fact, this is also a misunderstanding. What really leads the trend of furniture style is the panel furniture such as the overall wardrobe. Manager Tan of the furniture sales area in the square of the large merchants said that if you use clothing to describe furniture, the overall wardrobe is a popular clothing, leading the fashion trend of the year. With the changes in people's preferences for home decoration styles, many new styles will appear in the overall wardrobe every year. This update speed is incomparable to solid wood furniture and European-style furniture. Today's overall wardrobes have broken through people's traditional stereotypes, and have undergone many changes in color, style, and function.

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