Eight details make your kitchen "young" forever

- 2021-07-09-

Some consumers complain that their kitchen is outdated, and the style of the kitchen is no longer popular. If you want to renovate the kitchen style but don't want to make a big splash, in fact, we only need to choose some popular kitchen accessories, which can restore the popular elements of the kitchen in the past. Details can also reflect fashion, making your kitchen always young.

1. Avoid bumping up the door
The wall cabinet is designed as an upturn door and is supported by heavy-duty cylinders to effectively avoid head-on incidents.

2. Extra large seasoning basket
Small spice cabinets often feel like they are not enough. The spice basket with the size of a door has an amazing capacity. Even the cutting board can be put in and placed on the side of the stove. Bottles of spice can be placed diagonally, making it easier and faster to access.

3. Hidden rice box
Bulk rice is placed in a long rice box, which is convenient for storage and has the function of quantitatively taking rice.

4. Drawer divider frame
The storage tank divider is used in the drawer, which can not only accommodate 6 storage tanks and put them in place, but also has enough space to classify and place other items.

5. Up and down glass sliding doors
The middle cabinet uses upper and lower glass sliding doors, so that the kitchen items can be stored and stored freely. Beautiful objects may be displayed, and other things are blocked by glass to prevent dust.

6. Concave drawer pull basket
The cabinet under the sink has a lot of space, but the utilization rate of the empty chamber is often not high, because there are pipes, it is not convenient to put the shelves. If you want to stack things in an orderly manner, you must use this kind of concave drawer to pull the basket. With pipes, the large drawers make it easier to retrieve items.

7. Pull the basket on four sides
If you use a shelf inside the door panel, the innermost things often need to be waisted to be able to reach. This kind of pull basket with all four sides stretched out, you can easily get the objects inside, and the design is more user-friendly.

8. Countertop function box
A transverse function box is inlaid on the countertop, which can store all kinds of cooking tools in an integrated manner. The knives are placed safely and properly, neat and beautiful, and can be taken at will.

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