Spices in the kitchen can cure minor diseases

- 2021-07-05-

In our daily life, the deliciousness of the kitchen condiment regulator food we eat is a necessity for our nutrition, but we don’t know that the condiments in the kitchen can actually cure some minor problems and prevent minor diseases.

granulated sugar

When you have a fever, brewing sugar water can reduce the patient's fever. Sugar water can also stimulate the intestines and stomach and help digestion.

soy sauce

When a certain part of the body is burned, it can be applied with soy sauce, which can relieve pain and detoxify; fingers are swollen and painful. After soy sauce and honey are warmed, the fingers can be immersed to relieve pain and swelling.


Smashing ginger and applying it to the affected area can reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Applying ginger slices to the temples is the most effective way to treat headaches; drinking ginger soup can prevent colds in all seasons; applying ginger to the belly button can prevent motion sickness and seasickness.

Cooking oil

It is a mild soothing agent. When a certain part of the body is burned by fire, apply cooking oil to the affected area to relieve the pain. If it is stabbed by Huangfeng or other insects, apply warm oil to the wound to relieve the pain. If you have a stomach ulcer, you can drink two small mouthfuls of peanut oil every morning and evening, which has a certain effect. It can also cure constipation. If a small bug gets into the ear and drops a few drops of oil into the ear, the bug can come out.


Chill can cause abdominal pain or acute bladder paralysis, making it difficult to urinate. Heat salt in a cloth bag and compress the abdomen, which has a miraculous effect. Acute localized dermatitis and itching can be relieved by washing with salt water and painting. Insist on washing the eyes with light salt water every day, which can get a good effect on the treatment of trachoma; washing hair with salt water can reduce hair loss. Drinking a cup of salted water after getting up early in the morning can cure bowel problems. Gargle with salt and boiled water or hold it for a while, it can kill the bacteria that cause bad breath.


When influenza occurs, vinegar and fumigation indoors can be used to prevent it; when you have a high fever, soak a towel with diluted vinegar and apply it on the skin to cool the body; gargle with vinegar water can treat mild throat inflammation. When the soup is scalded and burned, rinse it with vinegar, which can relieve pain and swelling, prevent blistering, and leave no spots on the wound.

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