Kitchen health tips

- 2021-07-01-

People in the modern living environment are paying more and more attention to healthy diet. What should we pay attention to for the health of the kitchen?

Overnight dishes need to be heated

The cooked food that has been stored must be reheated (not lower than 70°C) before being eaten.

Use more boiling water

Drinking water and the water used when preparing food should be pure and clean. If you are in doubt about the water quality, it is best to boil the water before drinking or making ice cubes.

More ventilation

The kitchen must be well ventilated. During the cooking process, the range hood must always be turned on. There must be a range hood in the kitchen, and the windows must be opened for ventilation, so that the oil fume can be dispersed as soon as possible. Extend the exhaust for at least 10 minutes after cooking.

Less oil

Non-stick cooking utensils can avoid using too much oil and control the oil temperature at low or medium temperature, which not only makes oil-free cooking possible, but also reduces the loss of vitamins in food due to high temperature.

See the oil but no smoke

Change cooking habits, don’t overheat the oil. When cooking, the oil temperature should not exceed 200℃ as much as possible (take the smoke from the oil pan as the limit). This can not only reduce the "oil fume syndrome", but also from the nutritional point of view. The vitamins have also been effectively preserved. It is best not to use oil that has been repeatedly cooked and fried. When choosing edible oil, you should buy quality-guaranteed products to prevent inferior edible oil from producing more harmful substances during the heating process.

Natural alternatives

The sauce made from the natural food tomato and pineapple's sour and sweet taste can replace the general tomato sauce and sweet and sour sauce, which can achieve the purpose of reducing salt and sugar. Choosing a variety of cereals instead of white rice can increase the intake of fiber, various vitamins, and minerals.

The vegetables are eaten raw and the meat is cooked

Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber and vitamin C, and they can better preserve the original nutrients when eaten raw; instead of ordinary salad dressing, yogurt sauce can reduce the intake of fat.

Poultry and meat are cooked and eaten

Food, especially poultry, meat, etc., must be thoroughly cooked before consumption. The so-called thorough cooking means that the temperature of all parts of the food reaches at least 70°C.

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