Matters needing attention in the maintenance of cabinet components

- 2021-06-28-

Usually the main part of the cleaning and maintenance of the kitchen is the cleaning of the cabinets, and the cleaning of the cabinets needs to be divided from the composition of the cabinets. The maintenance methods and techniques for different parts of the cabinets are also different, and we need to master the methods and tricks. So what do we need to pay attention to in cleaning and maintenance?

1. Maintenance of the door panel
Door panels usually include fireproof panels, painted door panels, mirror resin door panels, and solid wood door panels. The maintenance of the door panel is actually not difficult. Generally, the maintenance is wiped with a detergent to prevent the water on the table from flowing down and soaking into the door panel, which will deform after a long time.

The fireproof board series has always been in the leading position in the market due to the factors of acid and alkali resistance, easy cleaning and low price. It is easy to maintain, as long as the dirty place is wiped with a damp cloth and a neutral detergent (a multi-purpose concentrate available on the market), it can be kept clean.

Paint door panels and mirror resin door panels should be wiped with a fine cleaning cloth dipped in neutral cleaning fluid (such as furniture brightener, etc.); avoid contact with sharp objects and scratches. If there are slight scratches, it can also be treated with furniture brightener.

The maintenance of solid wood door panels is a little more complicated. Avoid getting close to heat sources, power sources, and water sources, and avoid direct sunlight; do not touch organic solvents such as oil, benzene, acetone, etc.; when the indoor air is relatively dry, you can place bonsai in the room to adjust the indoor relative humidity; Clean with a cotton rag, and use a brush and watercolor pen to clean the carving seams. Solid wood door panels are best cleaned with furniture water wax.

2. The maintenance of the cabinet
The maintenance of the cabinet is easy to be overlooked. In fact, a well-maintained cabinet is the least likely to be damaged. It is recommended to put heavy objects in the lower cabinet. The movable shelf can be adjusted up and down, pay attention to whether the shelf nails are placed in the right position. The upper cabinet is only suitable for placing light items, such as seasoning jars and glasses. The cleaned utensils are wiped dry before putting them in.

The pull basket accessories in the cabinet should be wiped with a dry cloth to avoid water marks on the surface caused by water droplets.

3. Hardware maintenance
Kitchen hardware mainly includes rice buckets, metal baskets, hinges, slide rails, etc. The materials are generally made of stainless steel or steel surface spray treatment. When using, pay attention to the following points: For large hardware such as high-lift baskets and rotating baskets, pay attention to the direction of rotation and stretching, avoid using force, and avoid direct sprinkling of salt, vinegar and other condiments; stainless steel wall panels, The housing of the range hood and the stainless steel pendant can be wiped with a brightener (such as an abrasive brightener available on the market, etc.) to increase the brightness.

4. Maintenance of gas stove
The surface of the gas stove is mostly made of stainless steel and white enamel. The more popular one is now the glass stove. In the overall European-style kitchen, the use of built-in stoves is a better choice.

The gas stove should be cleaned with a detergent with a finer texture. If the stove nozzle is clogged and affects the gas fire, you can use a fine wire brush to remove the carbide, pierce the fire outlet one by one, and finally use a brush to brush off the dirt.

5. Maintenance of the hood

When we finish cooking the last dish, don't turn off the switch immediately, but let the cooker hood exhaust the remaining vapor as much as possible. After turning off the switch, wipe the surface of the range hood easily. At this time, the oil and gas are still hot and the easiest to clean. To deal with turbo-type range hoods, you can use kitchen grease cleaner (using a commercially available quick-clean concentrated stain remover, etc.) to spray into the range hood. After the detergent is applied, turn on the range hood switch and use centrifugal force. Remove the softened greasy dirt; for the oil net type range hood, the oil net must be removed, soaked in hot alkaline water and then cleaned.   A little secret recipe in kitchen cleaning. The oil cup can be unclean, that is, wrap the oil cup with plastic wrap. After the grease is full, remove the plastic wrap, which is convenient and quick, does not stain the oil and does not need to be cleaned.

6. Maintenance of the sink
There are several types of sink materials, the most commonly used is stainless steel, not thick steel is good, you should ask the manufacturer when purchasing.

The drainage of the sink is the key, and the quality of the drainage pipe will affect the problem of water leakage in the future. If you pour high-temperature oil soup into the sink, you should open cold water to avoid damage to the drain pipe due to high temperature deterioration.

For sinks made of plastic steel and artificial marble, avoid heavy blows or sharp objects scratching the surface.

When stainless steel sinks and faucets are stained, rusty or not bright, they can be wiped with brightener to add brightness. Colored faucets should be wiped with a cloth. The retractable faucets should avoid improper operation and cause hose breakage.

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