There are "secret weapons" in maintaining the kitchen

- 2021-06-17-

The most troublesome thing about home cleaning is the kitchen. The thought of the thick grease in the kitchen is daunting. In fact, as long as the method is appropriate or some special "secret weapons" are used, the cleaning work will be doubled with half the effort. The editor meticulously collected these "secret weapons" for cleaning the kitchen, hoping to help you.


Secret weapon: "Apply a mask" with toilet paper or paper towels

Put toilet paper or paper towels on the tiles, spray cleaner on them and leave them for a while, just like women applying facial masks. Not only will the cleaner not drip everywhere, but the grease will stick to it. As long as you tear off the toilet paper, and wipe it once or twice with a clean cloth dipped in clean water, the tiles can be renewed. For tiles with heavier oil stains, you can stick toilet paper or paper towels on the tiles overnight, or use cotton cloth instead of toilet paper. After the oil stains are fully absorbed by the paper towels, wipe them with a wet cloth. The ventilation fan inside the range hood can also use this method.

Supplementary recommendation: toothbrush

For places that are difficult to clean, such as tile joints, you can use an old toothbrush to save effort.

gas stove

Secret weapon: hot water + toothpicks

If the fire frame on the stove is soiled by oil or soup, even if it is treated with detergent, it may not be clean. You may as well boil the fire frame with water. Fill a large pot of water first, then put it on the fire. After the water heats up, the stubborn dirt will be decomposed and peeled off naturally. The gas hole of the fire rack is often blocked by dirt such as soup, causing the gas to burn incompletely, so it is best to clean the hole with a toothpick once a week.

Additional recommendation: rice soup

Apply viscous rice soup on the cooker. After the rice soup is dry, scrape lightly with an iron sheet, and the oil will be removed along with the rice soup. If you use a thinner rice soup or noodle soup to wash directly, the effect is also good.


Secret weapon: beer

Soak the scouring pad in beer for a while, and then wipe the stove with stubborn stains, the stove will be as bright as new. When wiping, the wiping surface should also be replaced constantly.

Complementary recommendation: radish or cucumber scraps

Use the leftover radish or cucumber scraps, dipped in detergent to scrub, and then rinse with water again, the decontamination effect is also very good.


Secret weapon: slightly hot vinegar

The windows, light bulbs, and glassware in the kitchen will be blackened by oil and smoke over time, making it difficult to clean. You can heat up an appropriate amount of vinegar, and then use a rag dipped in slightly hot vinegar to scrub, the oil will easily "run away".

Supplementary recommendation: liquor + newspaper

First wipe it with a rag dipped in white wine, the oil stains on the window can be easily removed, and then use waste newspaper for secondary "processing", the glass will become very translucent.


Secret weapon: lemon slices

If you find water stains on the faucet that are difficult to remove, you can wipe a fresh lemon slice on the faucet several times to remove it.

Supplementary recommendation: fresh orange peel

A well-hydrated orange peel can also play a powerful role in decontamination. The orange belt-colored side does not need to be rubbed vigorously, and the stubborn stains on the faucet can be easily removed.

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