Keep the overall kitchen dry and unobstructed, enjoy the elegant kitchen art

- 2021-06-10-

Regularly check the gas stoves, water heaters, microwave ovens and other electrical appliances in the kitchen for leaks or immersion in the water connection, and ensure that the kitchen is dry and air ventilated. Kitchen utensils cannot be used frequently and frequently. Correct use and maintenance can extend the service life of kitchen cabinets and enjoy a more elegant kitchen art.

1. When in use:

1. Do not put high-temperature cookware or other high-temperature objects directly on the kitchen utensils. Use tripods, heat insulation pads, etc. to prevent the surface from discoloration or foaming.

2. Keep the kitchen utensils clean. After cooking, clean the countertop and wipe off the water stains on the kitchen utensils. Keep the surface clean and dry. The water on the floor area should be removed in time to avoid contaminating the cabinet.

3. Lighter objects, such as seasoning jars, glasses, etc., should be placed in the hanging kitchen to avoid damage to the kitchen utensils.

4. Heavy objects should be placed under the cabinet. The cabinet must be kept dry. If the moisture is low, wipe it with a dry cloth as soon as possible.

2. Please remember the following common sense of maintenance:

1. Do not scratch the surface of the kitchen cabinet with sharp or hard objects. Use a damp cloth to scrub or damp the cloth with neutral detergent or clean it.

2. If the surface is severely stained or scratched, or burned by fireworks, lightly rub the surface with fine sandpaper (400-500), and then wipe it with a scouring pad. ,

3. Metal drawers, hinges, pull baskets, etc. should be regularly lubricated to keep them bright and lubricated. It is very helpful to extend the service life of kitchen cabinets.

4. Check the gas stove, water heater, microwave oven and other electrical appliances in the kitchen regularly for leaks or water leakage, and ensure that the kitchen is dry and well-ventilated. If you find quality problems, please contact the after-sales department in time, and let us help you solve your worries.

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