Kitset Kitchen Flat Pack Double Door Tall Cabinet

Kitset Kitchen Flat Pack Double Door Tall Cabinet

Kitset Kitchen Flat Pack Double Door Tall Cabinet with large storage system

Product Detail

Kitset Kitchen Flat Pack Double Door Tall Cabinet


1. Kitset Kitchen Flat Pack Double Door Tall Cabinet with large storage system

2. More cabinet unit items for option meet the various customized needs of customers;

3. Cost saving design Eco-friendly design;

4. Each  base cabinet box unit comes with assembly instruction,and its necessary hardware;

5. The rational design meets the customer's needs for the using convenience of the kitchen;

6. One-stop solution service (measurement, design, produce, delivery, overseas installation, A/S)


Kitset Kitchen Flat Pack Double Door Tall Cabinet


☞ Kitset Kitchen Flat Pack Double Door Tall Cabinet use 16mm E1 grade particle board with low Formaldehyde emission reach the standard of international ;

☞BLUMOTION damping can automatically adjust the size of the effect according to the dynamics of the cabinet door. Among them, it also includes the load of the panel and the impact force it receives when it is collided. ;

☞Use 165 degree opening angle hinge,can install pull out pantry and insert drawer ;

☞Screw cabinet structure strong enough and easy to assemble ;

☞Well per-drilled and cuts,what do you need to do is only  fit the panels together


Home’s Heart Kitchent


The Kitchen Is Where Family Gets Together

This is the only place in your home where a family “has” to get together. There’s an “invisible force” that will make you sit all together in your kitchen and remind you about the true power of family ties and quality family time. We all owe one huge thank you to our old and irresistible kitchen where we grew up. Our kitchens are literally bursting with positive and unforgettable childhood memories.


Kitset Kitchen Flat Pack Double Door Tall Cabinet Material Parameter



Flat Pack Kitchens Mackay,Laundry Flat Packs,Kitset Kitchens Perth

Online Diy Kitchen design,Walk in Pantry Flat Pack

Cabinet Code

TXX21(XX is cabinet high)




Particle board/plywood


White or Grey


E0,E1(Formaldehyde emission0.08mg/m3)

Cabinet wide



BLUM motion


PP heavy duty adjustable leg



Door material



20GP(About 200-300 cabinets)


Flat packing/Knock down packing

Details of  Kitset Kitchen Flat Pack Double Door Tall Cabinet


①Eco-friendly particle board/plywood

All our panels comply with emission class European E1 and meet the stringent California Air Resources Board(CARB) emissions standards.



②Perfect melamine Edge banding

The benefits of the four-sided edge-sealing cabinet design are not only to reduce the release of formaldehyde, but also to prevent moisture from entering the board substrate to prevent deformation


③Cabinet connect hardware 

Cooperate with international top brands: BLUM &DTC. 50 years of service life. Passing 200,000 opening and closing cycle test.


Kitset Kitchen Flat Pack Double Door Tall Cabinet  internal structure


Flat pack kitchens offer a fantastic mix of quality, style and value, making them perfect for home owners, investors and D.I.Y. enthusiasts alike. J&S kitchens share the reasons why flat pack kitchens provide the perfect solution for any home.

Production Line


Own 4 product lines, mainly consisting of Germany HOMAG machines, guarantee the manufacturing preciseness.JS uses E1 or CARB-compliant panels as raw materials on kitchen cabinet,wardrobe,bathroom vanity. In addition, we also purchased other necessary raw materials from leading Chinese brands, such as particleboard, MDF, and edge banding. stability.


Project Case


We have been over a dozen years exporting experience for global housing project,we supply flat pack kitchen cabinet,custom made kitchen wardrobe,bathroom vanity to many countries.Such as United Stateds,Mexico,Canada,SouthAfrica,Dubai,Malaysia,Cambodia,Thailand,Austrilia,New Zealand.ect.



Q:What is a flat pack kitchen?

Flat pack kitchens are supplied in a box, ready for you to put together and install yourself or by a tradesperson. The modular style of the cabinetry makes it easy to select the components needed to create the ideal kitchen for your space. Start by choosing cabinets, then move on to accessories, doors, panels and bench tops.

Q:What is your cabinet structure?

Frameless,with Cam Lock or by screws

Q:Is it easy to assemble the cabinet?

Flat pack kitchens are modular, which means they can be configured into almost any space. Best of all, they are easy to assemble and install. And if you handle assembly and installation yourself, you could save money.

Q. About After-sales service

A: If you have any question about how to install kitchen cabinets, we will instruct step by step until installation succeed.

Q:How long it takes you to provide the designing options for us?

2 days after customer provided layout  and clear measurement

Q:Do you have a price list?

Yes,send us an email/inquiry ,you will get a standard price list for reference.

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